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    Newton's Apple Chips — what is it about?

    Newton`s contain fibres, pectin, vitamins and minerals. They have a low glycaemic index – the ideal thing to tame your hunger.

    On a trip, in a car, at work, on travel or when watching a film, crunch tasty and healthy Newton's Chips.

    It took us hundreds of tests to invent that special caramel flavour distinguishing Newton's from other apple chips.

    We like the taste of Newton's Apple Chips and offer them to you.


    Our product

    Newton's apple chips

    Weight: 20 g

    Newton's apple chips

    Weight: 50 g

    Apple chips with lavender caramel

    Weight: 20 g

    Apple crunches with salted caramel

    Weight: 20 g

    Apple chips with cinnamon

    Weight: 40 g

    Apple chips with vanilla caramel

    Weight: 40 g

    Apple chips with cocoa and caramel

    Weight: 20 g

    What do the apple chips go with?

    Cream cheese

    Favourite jam

    Hot chocolate

    Peanut butter

    Creators of Newton's

    Newton’s is a small family company that created the taste you can enjoy in each Newton’s chips package. Apple chips production is our main business founded on professionalism, technology and love.

    Why Newton’s apple chips are so delicious? We use top-quality apples and the technology that we developed, ensure double quality assurance checks and do it all with love.

    Comments, proposals, talks

    If you have questions, ideas for cooperation and are willing to leave comments or share your opinion about Newton's Chips, do not hesitate to contact us

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      What is the idea?

      Newton`s in Ukraine

      When kids tasted the chips for the first time, they ate them up and asked for more. Kids were our first critics and tasting assistants, and they remain big fans of Newton’s. Then our acquaintances and friends had a bite and grew fond of them too. That is how we started to promote Newton’s in Ukraine.

      Newton’s Apple Chips are deliciously crispy apple chips made in Ukraine. We are proud that now we can share their taste with you.

      Try and see how they crunch!

      Ideal snack

      Most travel snacks contain too many calories, are overly sweet or too salty. The first apple chips we tried abroad were not very tasty. We thought that apple chips could be an ideal snack if they were made a way tastier.

      Therefore, we started experimenting with different varieties, recipes and temperature modes. That is how we came up with this ideal taste.