About us

Newton’s apple chips are crispy apple slices glazed with a thin layer of natural caramel with different flavours: lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, salted caramel, cocoa, chili.


We turn the best Ukrainian apples into a crunchy and delicious snack using our own patented technology for making caramel-glazed apple chips.


We use only natural ingredients: selected Ukrainian apples, ground aromatic cinnamon, natural vanilla pods, lavender blossoms, natural cocoa, salted caramel, chili pepper.


Even the most demanding of gourmets will notice a perfect balance of taste: sour apple, creamy caramel and natural addings that compliment the taste impressions. It tastes like apple pie, just crispier.


Newton’s apple chips glazed with a thin layer of delicious caramel are the perfect choice when you need a quick and healthy snack, or when you just look for a tasty crunch.

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